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In Cauldon District there are fifteen groups, five District Explorer Units and one Network Unit. Groups provide scouting to young people aged between four and fourteen years old. Scouting for 14-25 year olds is provided through the District.

Click on a groups name or necker to find out more information.

3rd Coventry (Stoke)
7th Coventry (Bell Green)
10th Coventry (St Luke’s, Holbrooks)
13th Coventry (Holbrooks)
24th Coventry (Wood End)
31st Coventry (Wolston)
34th Coventry (Walsgrave)
44th Coventry (Brinklow)
47th Coventry (St Alban’s, Stoke Heath)
48th Coventry (Sea Scouts, Wyken)
55th Coventry (Potters Green)
62nd Coventry (Binley)
82nd Coventry (Aldermans Green)
86th Coventry (Wyken)
100th Coventry (Upper Stoke)
Bulldogs Explorers (Binley)
Centaurs Explorers (Woston)
Minotaurs Explorers (Bell Green)
Spartans Explorers (Holbrooks)
Trident Phoenix Explorers (Stoke)
Cauldon Network